"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary"

The game of football is like no other. The game teaches life lessons that can not be replicated with any other life experience growing up. High school football gives athletes the opportunity to share a common goal with the people they grew up with and represent the town or city that they live in.

The aspect of kicking is a critical component of the football game. One third of the game of football is special teams; and being able to score points and shift the field position will put the team in the best possible position to win.  

Although kicking may seem as an individualized component of the game, it takes ALL 11 players to achieve success. 

Like any other sport, kicking takes time and dedication to achieve the best results. 

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation." 

Whether you are beginner or have some experience in kicking, our goal is to achieve your goals as a student athlete.

I did not start kicking until I was in 10th grade. Having an extensive soccer background made my transition to kicking helpful (as we teach soccer style kicking techniques). However having a "big leg" does not directly correlate with being a successful kicker. I quickly realized I needed a private, professional coach to achieve my goals. 

Your ceiling as a kicker is as high as you want to take it. Our coaches are here to use our professional experiences and training to implement the proper techniques. Each kicker is not the same and will have unique style to their kicking and punting style.

Our mission is to develop the most CONSISTENT kicker. Ask any coach, would you rather have a kicker who is able to kick a 55 yard field goal, but inconsistent inside 45 yards? Or have a kicker who is consistent inside 45 yards, but may not have the leg strength for a 55 yard field goal? You will get the same answer every time; they will take the kicker that who is consistent inside 45 yards. We focus on key elements when it comes to staying consistent such as balance, form, ball contact, and follow through. Strength will come with proper technique and ball contact. I have worked with students who were unable to make an extra point in their first session. After continuous work and one on one sessions, these students were consistently making their extra points and field goals from. We ask to trust the process and be patient as we will develop and maximize your kicking and punting abilities.

Why train with us?

I believe my story can come as a great reference to inspire young athletes. I was not a highly touted prospect and did not go to any of the major camps to get exposure. I focused on individualized training to perfect my craft to put the best film out there possible. No Division I or Division II teams gave any interest to my film, and many Division III teams went different directions on their choice of recruiting kickers. Utica College gave me an opportunity and I came in with a chip on my shoulder to become the best player at my position to help my team win. After my college senior season, I attended Gary Zauner's Senior NFL Combine. I was one of 28 kickers present, competing against those who played Division I on the biggest of stages, and a selected few playing on NFL rosters today. I advise athletes to not get discouraged if they are not getting recruited to a Division I programs and play at a big time school. My belief is that if you are coachable and have the desire to maximize your abilities, success will come with it.

My experiences come from great kicking coaches in the nation. I have trained with Luke Gaddis, Keith Scranton, Adam Talanski, Gary Zauner, and Ricky Krautman. I will always be a student of the game and I hope to use what I have learned over the years into making each student that I work with the best overall kicker and person. Being a high school coach as well as kicking coach has provided me the experience and the opportunity to effectively communicate with students. I am more than confident that I will able to connect with each student of mine and guide them to their goals.

I believe becoming a kicker and playing football was the best experience of my life. I encourage anybody to take a chance and pursue your dream if this is something you want to do. Our coaches are here to be mentors and guide our students not only through your high school careers, but through your college careers. We will guide our students through the recruiting process and help families who are going through that important stage in their child's life.


Take the All American challenge today and start your path towards achieving your goals!

- Coach Tommy